Specialising in English, Welsh & Scottish ancestry, Crafty Genes can help you build up a picture of your families origins. We use all available records to look back in time and discover your ancestors:

  • Births, Marriages, Deaths. (Certificates Ordered)
  • Parish Records (Christenings, Marriage, Burials)
  • 1841-1911 Census
  • 1939 Register
  • World War 1 Military Records
  • Immigration Records
  • Criminal Registers
  • Wills
  • Newspaper Articles

Our Prices include our time, stationary, printing and postage costs, access to pay per view sites and buying certificates from the General Records Office.

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    FREE 15 Minutes feasibility study:

    Before starting research we will complete an initial 15 minutes feasibility study to asertain what research we can do for you and how far we can get back using the information you have provided through the records available to us.
    We ask you to provide us with as much about your family as you can beforehand. We will then use this information to guide us on the path to providing you with a detailed family tree.

    Payment must be paid in full before full research can commence. This is so we can order certificates to assist with the research.

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    Research Accuracy:

    Crafty Genes aim to provide a Family Tree with as much accurate information as possible for it's clients. We use our own experience to provide you with an accurate family tree.

    However, because every individual's family history is unique, some ancestors may have left little impression on historical records - so some further research my be required - at extra cost.
    This will be discussed with the client on a case by case basis.
    We cannot be held responsible for errors & omissions. Manyf historical records contain illegible handwriting, are misleading or inaccurate.
    We will try our best to verify all information and create the most accurate family tree we can.

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    Use of your details and family information:

    We fully understand that information linked to any cases we deal with can be very sensitive and therefore all of our cases are dealt with on a one to one basis and with complete descretion. Any results, information or research will not be shared with any Third Party without written permission from the Client.

    Results can be presented on Paper, contained within a folder - or on a CD disk.