Personalised gifts made from wood

Personalised Wooden Gifts


  • Bookmarks

    Wooden Bookmarks

    Personalised just for you.

  • Badges

    Wooden badges personalised just for you with any name.

  • Door Stops

    Wooden doorstop with added novelty ornament.
    Can be personalised with any name.

  • Keyrings

    Wooden keyrings that can be personalised for you.

  • Magnets

    Wooden magnets personalised with any name

  • Plaques

    Wooden plaques.
    Personalised especially for you.

  • Welly Pegs

    Keep your Wellies together with our Welly Pegs!
    All items can be personalised.

  • Homeware

    Homeware gifts personalised especially for you

  • Decorations

    Wooden decorations personalised for you.

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